"Fulfilling the expectations of our Clients makes us good professionals. Surpassing them, makes us Excellent".


We understand what Clients value and adapt our solutions to the personality of each hotel.


We guarantee our Clients: quality, the latest technological advances and high levels of profitability.


We optimize internal processes with solutions that connect with guests, before, during and after their stay.


We are dedicated to consulting, development and implementation of projects and technological solutions in the tourism sector in general, and hotels in particular.


We advise on how to carry out a practical, responsible and profitable digital transformation, maintaining a social, environmental and financial balance. At Hotelequia we are aware that the variation of organizational priorities and real-time access to information are some of the major changes that have redefined the way Hotels do business.


We offer services and solutions based on the latest data processing and analysis technologies, which together with the know-how of professionals in the tourism sector allow us to provide global solutions for a coherent digital transformation, ranging from technology consulting, productivity and collaboration, to artificial intelligence solutions for a SmartHotel and/or a SmartRoom. Maintaining direct and non-intrusive conversations with our guest through chatbots and/or smart speakers (like Alexa), connected through process automation and home automation with other devices and systems (Smart TV, lighting, air conditioning, music, etc.).

Hotelequia's solutions are based on the vision, not only of an intelligent hotel and room, but also of an intelligent destination, which is why the solution contemplates the connection between different scenarios: the room, the hotel and the destination.

In addition to having global solutions, we understand the hotel business sector and the transformation in the hospitality industry. We orientate our services towards business excellence, hence our slogan: "Fulfilling the expectations of our Clients makes us good professionals. Surpassing them, makes us Excellent".

We offer a strong solid technological support for companies that provide their services nationally and internationally, specializing in intelligent cloud, artificial intelligence, security and digital transformation projects for the main business sectors.

We work with a wide range of partners that complement our technological offer with TV solutions, automation, domotics, etc.