Implementation services and consulting for the digital transformation of the industry, based on advanced technology.

Digital transformation for improving internal processes

Technology Consulting and Business Intelligence

We offer solutions that analyze and interpret large amounts of data and make it possible to share information through control panels (with Power BI) that allow a better understanding of the operation of the hotel, facilitating the creation of models to aid decision making to improve the competitiveness of tourism businesses.

Collaboration and productivity tools (Microsoft 365 / Office 365)

Our Microsoft Office 365 tools improve internal hotel management processes and increase productivity in all areas. It is a cloud-based subscription service that by combining applications such as Excel and Outlook with useful cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, you can profitably increase team workflows and securely protect your hotel data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our expertise in cloud infrastructure, hybrid architectures, and security audit and consulting services makes it easy for IT departments to improve performance, scale services, and save costs while delivering the highest quality services and solutions to other areas of the hotel.


The hotelier no longer only has to worry about the comfort of the facilities he manages, now he must also guarantee the 'new security' of his guests. As a technological consultant oriented to the tourism and hotel sector, we have identified the main risks, as well as the protocols to follow to prevent incidents through tools such as: Attack identification, Pentest (technical level) and Security techniques.

Advanced Technology

Artificial Intelligence

We offer solutions that provide the most complete Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience, according to the personality of each hotel, capable of connecting the 'brain' of our establishment with all types of intelligent devices. Based on the latest data processing and analysis technologies, to achieve a direct and non-intrusive conversation between the guest and the AI of the hotel, through different channels such as chatbots, smart speakers and other intelligent devices (smart TV, lighting, air conditioning, music, etc.), through the automation of processes and home automation.

Cognitive Services

Hotelequia works with Cognitive Services technology to develope AI solutions, that combines Artificial Intelligence, automatic learning and big data with applications that integrate and humanize our solutions with: voice, vision language, search and knowledge. In this way, we seek to imitate rational human processes and achieve a more natural and contextual interaction of guests with the hotel's AI.


The technological transformation of the hospitality industry is enhanced by the advances and solidity currently offered by the Cloud and the fact that IOT devices that facilitate process automation and increase data collection channels through sensors (responsibly and complying with data protection and data security) are becoming more affordable. This allows us to have quality information for more efficient management and greater knowledge of our guests and their consumption habits.

Domotics and Building Automation

Through domotics and building automation we turn your hotel into an intelligent accommodation, covering all the hotel structure from the rooms (Smart Room), communal areas and industrial areas (Smart Hotel); by controlling any variable such as lights or air conditioning, which increases the productivity and improves the management of the establishment. This results in energy savings, improved accessibility and security, leading to a quality stay, among other advantages.