The best host in your pocket

The solution offered by Hotelequia to the hotel sector is the result of the combination of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts with the latest technology and experienced professionals from the tourist industry.

A virtual assistant is the definitive solution for your Hotel. It communicates with your guests on their Smartphones via Facebook and/or Messenger, chatting, without installing an app on their device. Your clients will be able to make bookings, access hotel information, activities and much more through the apps they use every day.

Offer the best experience
to your guests

Try what your guests will experience by clicking on your favourite messaging platform.

What can it offer to your hotel?

Hotel guests like personal attention so why not offer them a service they can access whenever they want through a channel that they are already familiar with, the chat.

Boost non-commissionable web business
The client can directly book a room or any other service by chatting with our virtual assistant.
Staff work optimisation
Guests can quickly and easily access all the hotel information and services as well as destination information.
Customer loyalty
Improve the communication with clients by understanding their needs and concerns, offering a better service.
Control panel
Your staff can manage bookings, requests and suggestions made by your guests from a centralised platform.
Third-party services
Simplify the process of collaborating with other businesses in the sector to offer guests more services, improving their hotel experience.
Business intelligence
Understand market behaviour and trends, and automate your business according to this information, increasing sales and reducing costs.

Services to your advantage

Meeting our client’s expectations makes us good professionals. Exceeding them makes us excellent.

Tourist information

Clients can easily access tourist information of their destination.

Direct bookings and payments

A virtual assistant integrated with your PMS system to complete online bookings and payments.

Sales management and recovery

It detects purchase interruptions and automatically contacts the client to guide them through the booking process.

Hotel services

It completes client bookings: SPA, hotel activities, excursions, transfers, etc.


Boost your business through Facebook Messenger.

Direct communication with staff

The chatbot or virtual assistant is able to communicate with guests like another member of staff.

Services to your advantage

Choose your plan

Choose the plan that suits your business best.

Small plan 245,90 € /month
Support Multilingual Bookings Check-in/out Hotel services Chat with staff Tourist information
Medium plan 384,90 € /month
Support Multilingual Bookings Check-in/out Hotel services Chat with staff Tourist information
Enterprise plan Contact Us
Support Multilingual Bookings Check-in/out Hotel services Chat with staff Tourist information


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